Free Drivers License Practice Tests

If you’ve been looking for a free drivers license practice test, you’ve come to the right website. We offer free drivers license practice tests for all 50 United States! While some states do offer a free online drivers license practice test, most do not. Until all states get with the times and offer free online practice tests, our website will continue to fill the void.

Our free online drivers license practice tests are not meant to replace studying the old fashioned way. You should first and foremost study the drivers license manual given to you by your state DMV office. Our questions are taken directly from the drivers license manuals from each state, but rules and laws are subject to change every year. Our free drivers license practice tests should be considered “practice only.”

After years of worrying and months of studying, most people pass their drivers license test on the first try. Of those who don’t succeed on the first try, the majority fail the physical driving test, not the written test. Obviously our free drivers license practice tests will not help you pass the driving test.  To pass the driving test you need to practice driving.  Please be sure to bookmark our Free Drivers License Practice Test website and come back as often as you’d like. After all, practice makes perfect!

When studying for your test, it’s important to memorize the distances. Most states have several versions of their drivers test. Some versions are loaded with distance questions such as how many feet should you flip on your turn signal before you turn and how many feet away should an oncoming car be before you dim your high beam headlights.  Pay attention to the details. Everyone knows what a red octagonal sign means but few pay attention to the distances.